Monday, 7 November 2011

A Forlorn Bahaar


In my eyes
There was a truth
That I sprinkled around you
Yet you are not in me.
That truth has turned into
A misty haze today
And there is a
Wide chasm between us now,
There is no dream
Burning in our eyes,
I longed for which
(So might be you)

When the shining copper leaves
Started falling on the streets,
In the gardens,
And the dales,
I was alone
Roving on the roads
(So might be you)

The weather has changed,
But I still wait, looking
Emptily at the
Colours of the spring
In the streets,
In the gardens and dales,
I am alone
(So might be you)

Weathers change
As they must, but my
Wait will go on.
I will still be there.
When the weather
Changes once again,
Roving in the streets
Trudging in the dales
Searching for the dream,
I will be alone
(So might be you)

*Bahaar- spring season

Written and translated from Hindi by Lalit Surjan