Monday, 7 November 2011

Friends In The Rain

The Rain: An old fort

A glass palace (sheesh mahal) in it
Glasses cut from the clouds
Reflect a thousand images of
The dancing raindrops,
Friends we all-
Kept on searching
The tunnels of the past in
The fort of the rain

The Rain: A deserted temple
On the hillock, far from the town
A child pulls the strings of raindrops,
And the bells of clouds
Chime in melody,
Friends we all-
Kept on loitering
In the ruins of the rain

The Rain: A tall and large tree
Flowers of cloud, blossom
On high branches,
Flowers- full of fragrance,
And the berries- rich in juice
Fall drop by drop,
Friends we all-
Kept on chatting
Beneath the tree of the rain

The rain: Our friendly postman
Delivering the letters of clouds in
Towns and villages
In lanes and bye-lanes,
Letters or gifts written in
The serifs of raindrops,
Friends we all-
Eagerly waited at the door
For the rain

The Rain: Fearsome prosecutor
Clouds- years or questions 
Of the dear life,
Days pass by as raindrops
Somewhere lies in my birthday,
Friends we all-
Looked around for our days
In the rain

The Rains after a drought
And reunion with the friends
After a long while,
Looks as if the season has
Drew a sketch, and
The friends have filled the colours,
Friends we all-
Soaked to our souls
Went out in the rain
Searching for a cherished dream

Written and translated from Hindi by Lalit Surjan