Monday, 7 November 2011



When we go on a journey
I carry the camera with me,
I crave to capture you
In new and new moods

You come surging with
The milky, foamy waves and I
Still you in the
Expanse of the blue ocean

You descend like the
Rain drops in the
Forests of Satpura*,
Now drizzling, now hammering,
I catch you in the
Symphony of the streams

You shiver like the
Tepid morning rays in
The snowy mountains
I hold you in the
Unnamed flower in the grass

You step out from the rocks
Like a figurine
At times, you become the mist
And drape the valley
Or you dance with the breeze
As the new leaf does,
I follow you everywhere
Arresting you in my eyes

We return from the journey
And you become the spicy aroma
Gliding all over the home,
You soak with the clothes
And dry them
In the breezy warmth,
Your sweat shines in
Every nook and corner
Of the house,
Not a bit have you
Changed over the years,
I imbibe you in my blood.

*Satpura- mountain range in central India

Written and translated from Hindi by Lalit Surjan